Do you enjoy locking S-foils in attack position while piloting your X-Wing? Do you like when Serenity pulled a Crazy Ivan maneuver in Firefly by rotating one engine? How about when any sci-fi spaceship slowly lowers a walkway or extends its wings or has a bunch of metal moving parts that slowly shift into position and make a cool-looking ship even cooler-looking?

I’m gonna go ahead and state, for the record, that the vehicles in Farming Simulator 22 will give you that same feeling of pleasure. In fact, I think anyone who loves cool spaceships will love Farming Simulator 22’s vehicles and equipment. You’re not zooming through outer space or blowing up TIE Fighters. You’re probably just baling hay or harvesting sorghum or spraying a field with pesticides. But damn if these machines aren’t completely satisfying to watch. 

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