I was introduced to Eville in the way mandated in the bylaws of impostor games: by being the first to die. On my first night staying in the quaint medieval village with Eville’s developers, I crept out of my home eager to use my powers as the detective to catch a killer in the act. What I caught the killer in the act of was planting an axe in my face. I guess that makes me either a great or terrible detective depending on how you want to define success. 

Like Among Us, Eville is a descendant of tabletop hidden role games like Werewolf or Mafia. Evildoers in the group attempt to kill innocent players without being discovered. Meanwhile the innocent townsfolk try to deduce who the murderers are—a process which involves shouting and laughing—and vote to eliminate them. Unlike Among Us though, Eville branches off from the Werewolf family tree pretty early, retaining a lot of that complexity and then adding more of its own on top.

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Ye olde role call 

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