With ‘the third agreement’ a new industrial raw material has been introduced into the world of Infinite Lagrange, alongside a number of other updates. This article will be covering everything regarding the new mineral, Trojite, from where it can be collected to what uses it has.

The new Ore, known as Trojite Crystals, can be refined into Element 688, a key material for achieving warp drive and space-warping technology.

Star systems rich in that new resource are considered to be key targets within the Lagrange network. For that reason, Explorers in ‘Phase 3’ will receive a ‘Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement’ to travel to the newly found star systems. More details about the new agreement can be found below, but first let’s see what we know about Trojite Crystals moving into the new phase.

Collecting Trojite Crystals

Similar to the other resources that every explorer knows, Trojite Crystals can be found in associated minerals and single ore minerals in these star systems. Small amounts of Trojite Crystals also exist in other resource nodes such as Metal zones, Crystal zones and also Deuterium Asteroid Belts.
Greater quantities of the new Ore can be found and mined in a star system or in star systems containing only Trojite Crystals. These new nodes will be highly contested by players, as they will become the target of every Galactic Faction.

The newly found resource will be stored at the explorers’ base and it can be delivered to ‘Trojite Crystal Terminals’ around certain Space Cities.

Transporting and mining this resource is dangerous for the players though, since it is such a highly contested material that every Faction desires. Coming up with strategies to ensure the safety of the mining fleets will be key as these crystals play a very important role determining the development rating in the new star systems. These are new rating criteria that didn’t apply previously in other systems.

The Use of Trojite Crystals

As mentioned above, the new crystals play a very important role to the Unions as they are the determining factor of a new rating system which affects win conditions.
Obviously, that makes space cities that are built near the new ‘Trojite Crystal Asteroid Belts’ a primary target for the Unions. Occupying such cities ensures that the fleets can be dispatched continuously in order to collect the new resource. During a Union’s occupation of a city, collected Trojite Crystals by the city mining fleets are considered as the contribution the Union has made.

Players who don’t belong to a Union or their Union isn’t among the ones competing in the ‘end-game’, can use Trojite Crystals as an equivalent to exchange for other goods, such as specific ships.

Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement and a new Rating system

The new phase brings a new mining agreement as mentioned above. How does that affect the explorers moving forward? It introduces a new system that turns contribution of Trojite Crystals into ‘Rating Points’.
Exchanging Trojite Crystals in the new Star Systems is the only way players can get their hands on these ships.

In conclusion

Trojite is a resource added in ‘Phase 3’ of Infinite Lagrange, and it’s a unique type of resource that directly affects the win conditions through the new Rating System. The new Trojite Crystals can be found and mined the same way as the other known resources (Metal, Deuterium, etc). The main difference is that it can be delivered to ‘Trojite Crystal Terminals’ and turned into Rating Points.

These points directly affect the win conditions in the end-game and it’s another way players can contribute to their affiliated Unions. Another use of the new crystals is that they can be used as an exchange currency at certain trading posts for ships. That way players who don’t belong to Unions, can make the most out of them.

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