One of the best new cards in Dominaria United is actually an old one. It’s the return of Liliana Vess, the dark lady of Magic: The Gathering. A healer-turned-necromancer who wears a cursed veil, makes deals with demons, and looks like she knows all the lyrics to Nemesis by Shriekback (opens in new tab), Liliana Vess is so goth she shits bats. I mean, her name’s an anagram of “a villainess” for goodness’ sake.

Liliana has appeared in various guises on different Magic cards over the years, recently cameoing in the university-themed Strixhaven set as a professor of death magic. The Innistrad set introduced a particularly memorable incarnation of her in 2011, and it’s this that Dominaria United reprints: Liliana of the Veil, a planeswalker who makes players sacrifice creatures in play and discard cards from their hand. She takes away a summon you’ve played, then reduces the chance you’ll be able to replace it. Which is just mean.

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