When you fall, pick yourself up and try again. That is a lesson all of us can learn throughout life. For notable gaming industry figure Jade Raymond, that has been exactly the case following her departure from Google Stadia less than two months ago. The Assassin’s Creed co-creator is not resting anytime soon. Instead, she has founded a new studio. Jade Raymond is now leading a new team at Haven Studios, a Montreal-based indie studio that is supported by Sony and PlayStation.

Raymond made the announcement via the PlayStation Blog, with news of work already started on an unannounced IP. Talk about getting things in motion.


Google Stadia closing its studios was an unexpected move, and that left Raymond in limbo after she first joined in March 2019. Google was definitely looking to bridge the gap with Raymond as the head of Stadia Games and Entertainment. However, things didn’t pan out.

Raymond alluded as much in her sharing, with some of her career experiences being less successful than others. She remains committed to making videogames despite all of that. That is where Haven comes in.

A like-minded team

It will not just be Jade Raymond as the headliner at the new studio. Haven Studios will also be home to many talented game developers that have worked together with her over the years. The studio’s aim is to let these creatives do what they do best, without any barriers or distractions.

With Sony backing the studio, chances are, it will do exactly that. The unannounced IP was revealed to be exclusive to PlayStation, at least on consoles, in a separate press release.

PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst has extended his congratulations to Raymond and her team, and is looking forward to what Haven Studios has in store for PlayStation players. Hopefully, PC players will also be part of the plans for Haven in the future.

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