Juicy Realm is a twin-stick rogue-lite shooter that originally released on PC back in 2018 before making its way to the Switch last November. Now it has been announced that the game will be heading for iOS and Android on May 4th.

If you’re unfamiliar with Juicy Realm, it’s a rogue-lite that pits players against hordes of monstrous fruit. You’ll battle against these terrifying versions of your 5 A Day using a whole host of weapons, some standard, some a tad more whacky. This ranges from Gatling guns to laser beam firing swords. Some good variety then.

There are initially nine characters to choose from to battle the fruit horde, each with their own abilities that will synergise differently with the numerous weapons and loot drops you’ll find as you progress. The mobile version will also have a new, 10th character that you can unlock by completing an as of yet unspecified challenge.

Once you’ve fought your way through the Story there is a Challenge Mode where you can get some more replay value from the game and increase the difficulty though a variety of modifiers you can activate to mix up the experience.
If you ever get tired of battling against the endless waves of fruit monstrosities then you can opt to play the Boss Rush mode and test your skills against Juicy Realm’s toughest opponents.

Juicy Realm will be available on the App Store and Google Play when it launches on 4th May. There’s no word on price at the moment but we’ll be sure to update you when we know more. However, we do know it will be a premium title as you’ll be able to get a 35% on the App Store when that becomes live.
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