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Kemco has released a new RPG on iOS and Android called Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom.

It’s set in Muspelheim, a desolate land of desert and dry rock where heroes go on adventures and monsters prey on the vulnerable. You play as Volker, the son of a blacksmith who has always dreamed of bigger things. He wants to become an adventurer like the heroes he hears about in minstrel’s tales, but instead finds himself on an adventure to become the court blacksmith instead.

Your main goal in Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is to become a world renowned blacksmith. Gather materials, craft them at the workshop and sell them for a profit later on. How you go about getting those materials is a little tricker, which’ll have you exploring deep into underground dungeons and mines, defeating monsters and trading with other merchants.

Crafting high-quality equipment isn’t just for your profits, however, as you also need to equip your party with some sturdy gear so they can survive tougher enemy encounters. Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom features 14 classes, each with their own skills and abilities for use in battle.

Kemco is a Japanese video game developer that has been making games since the 1980s. Although it started out making console games, nowadays it primarily develops for mobile. More recently, some of its better known mobile games include Dimension Cross, Seek Hearts, and Symphony of Eternity.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is out today on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It will cost $6.99 on iPhone and iPad, while the Android version is slightly more expensive, which will cost you $7.99. However, there is also a free trial version available on Google Play with the option to purchase later on, in case you fancied trying a demo first.
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