ONEMT has announced an exciting lineup of events for fans of the RPG sim to look forward to as King’s Choice gears up for its first anniversary. To thank players for their support since its official launch in 2021, the game is giving players a more refined taste of medieval court life with new content, including a new Pets system, Home system, limited-time festivities, anniversary giveaways and more.

Fans are also invited to take part in the celebrations via King’s Choice’s Royal Fantasy social media events. Cash prizes and in-game rewards will be awarded for the best user-generated videos, artwork, and memes entered during the events which are currently ongoing. Fans that take part in the Special Wishes event will also have a chance to see their video included in an anniversary livestream via the Virtual YouTube Channel Allie Channel. The livestream will also include new version information, a fireworks show, and code giveaways, for which all fans should make a note to tune in!

In King’s Choice, players are tasked with recruiting trusted allies, wooing beautiful maidens, and raising heirs, on the road to expanding your empire and becoming a legendary kingor queen. During your journey, you’ll be treated to stunning visuals reminiscent of classical arts from the 15th to 18th century, elevating the game’s elegance and showcasing the opulence of that era.

If you’re eager to navigate through the tricky waters of empire governance and see if you’ve got what it takes to flourish among the ranks of nobility, you can download King’s Choice on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store today – and just in time for the upcoming first-anniversary festivities too.

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