Kitty Cocktails is a cutesy hypercasual title from Rogue Games, who you may know from Vainglory or some of its many Apple Arcade releases, including the excellent Super Impossible Road and Sociable Soccer.

The basic idea is that you hold down the screen to fill up a glass, mug, cup, etc, with milk. Under or overfilling will result in instant failure, so it’s all about nailing that timing. Complicating matters slightly is the sweet spot on every receptacle. Hitting this will get you bonus points, but it’s almost always a sizable risk to go for it.

If you do happen to mess things up, you can retry the stage by using in-game currency or watching an ad. There’s nothing too wild in terms of monetisation.

The big draws here are its cute sense of style, many cats, and themed levels. A lot of hypercasual games can be fairly rough around the edges, but Kitty Cocktails is generally well-polished and good-looking.

We don’t often cover hypercasual games here at Pocket Gamer, mostly because their incredibly stripped-back design makes them tricky to talk about at length, but the fact of the matter is that they’re becoming an increasingly important and popular part of mobile gaming.
It’s easy to turn your nose up at them, but, in many cases, there’s a good deal of smart design that goes into their core mechanic. There’s no shame in enjoying them, and it’d be silly to dismiss the entire trend altogether, even if they personally aren’t for you. 

If you like the look of it, Kitty Cocktails is now available for download as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play. And if you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, I’d strongly recommend checking out some of Rogue’s recent output. 
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