Reality Games really does live up to its name, as its hit ultra-realistic sim Landlord GO now lets players buy limited shares of cities across the globe. The first-in-class real estate management simulator not only utilizes real-world data to gauge the value of properties all over the world, but it also pits players against each other in bidding wars to see who will emerge as the ultimate real estate magnate. AR real estate sim Landlord GO’s new feature allows players to trade using live economy trends in the market, as well as use shares of cities to acquire more value for their holdings. This comes as a welcome addition to how everything from a property’s distance to amenities to a building’s actual height dictates the value of a property using impressive real-world data.
Buying, selling, and building up your empire’s value has never been more exhilarating. Level up your buildings, control the world’s properties, and enjoy life as a real estate tycoon. You can download Landlord GO on the App Store and on Google Play. You can also pay a visit to the game’s official website, or follow its social media channels on Facebook and Discord to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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