Latest Monster Hunter movie trailer shows off the Palico in its element

Latest Monster Hunter movie trailer shows off the Palico in its element

If you have not been hiding underneath a rock, you might know that a Monster Hunter movie is on the way courtesy of Paul W. S. Anderson. The director behind the film adaptations of the Resident Evil series has set his sights on Capcom’s blockbuster franchise. As of recently, the trailers have pushed the movie into a more positive light. With a library of gigantic monsters to battle and the iconic weapons from the series, there is plenty of material for the film crew to work with. In fact, one of the more recognizable aspects of the series, the Palico, has been revealed in a new Monster Hunter movie trailer.

The Meowscular Chef himself certainly shows off the magic in the kitchen. It even blows a kiss at the end of the Monster Hunter movie trailer. While the director did hint that there was a slightly flirtatious relationship between the chef and star Milla Jovovich, it is somewhat creepy to witness. Thankfully, aside from the Palico stuff, the new Monster Hunter movie trailer has plenty of action as well.


Ingredients for success

We see more of the beasts that await, accompanied by the big, blockbuster explosions we have come to expect from such popcorn flicks. Both Tony Jaa and Ron Pearlman also make their customary appearances in the trailer. Once more, the new footage makes us feel a little better about the upcoming movie. If anything, the Monster Hunter movie would be great for a laugh and respectable action.

If the new Monster Hunter movie trailer has you hyped, then you will be even more excited to learn that the US release date has been moved forward. You will be able to catch it on Christmas, in both theaters and IMAX. It will go head to head with Wonder Woman 1984. Fans in China and the UK will be able to watch the action unfold way earlier starting December 4.

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