2020 continues to be a year full of surprises, be they unpleasant or not. However, for those of us searching for a little bit of magic, Bloomberg reports that the previously leaked Harry Potter roleplaying game is real and will launch in 2021. Developed by the folks over at Avalanche Software, it will be published by Warner Bros.

The publisher has yet to announce the game properly, even though we have seen leaked footage. In fact, it was back in 2018 that we saw the third-person magical adventure in action.

Magical origins

The Bloomberg report cites two unnamed sources that provided more information. The members of the development team have since confirmed that the 2018 footage was real. In addition, the game is currently being developed for the next-generation consoles. It should arrive in late 2021, though we have no confirmation of a PC release as of yet.

Fans of Harry Potter might just want to keep a close eye on this. The game will likely be a “re-creation of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas,” which should make for an interesting open-world experience.

Together with Batman, the Harry Potter property is among the more prominent of Warner Bros.’ properties. While the original leaked footage was real, the speculation around it that followed was mostly just that: speculation. But even as the global situation affects how the team handles the development, this Harry Potter game remains on track for a 2021 debut.


In fact, the game will supposedly debut after Warner Bros. reveals the next Batman game. Many expect this to happen in August during the DC FanDome event. That said, we likely would have seen this new game during E3 2020, had the coronavirus not caused its cancellation.

As Warner Bros. continues to forge ahead despite rumors of an impending sale, fans will have their fingers crossed. Let’s all hope that both the new Harry Potter and Batman games turn out well.

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