Legion online mode launches on PC, patch included

Legion online mode launches on PC, patch included

It has been about two weeks since Ubisoft decided to put the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion‘s online mode for PC on hold indefinitely. The development team found a bug that needed to be fixed before it crashed players’ PCs due to certain GPUs. At that time, no date was set and the mode seemed to be in limbo. However, good news comes to those who wait. The Watch Dogs: Legion online co-op mode is now live, arriving alongside update 3.22. Players can expect to download a 14.4 GB patch with a number of fixes and tweaks.

The console versions of the online mode launched as scheduled on March 9, so it was about time PC players got their chance. That said, the full online experience is not yet complete. The Tactical Op mode is still being worked on. That will arrive on March 23 on Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, and now PC.


The meat of the Watch Dogs: Legion online mode is to let players run loose together in London. You can attempt single-player missions, get the crew together to do something bigger, and there is also a Spiderbot deathmatch mode to enjoy.

The core of the experience is still about the open world. If you found yourself wanting more after the campaign, then this is where you need to be.

Giving it a shot

Similar to how GTA Online works, you can imagine why Ubisoft decided to give this a go. While the former supports 30 players in a single session, you will be limited to just four for Watch Dogs: LegionThat is not a lot, and it is absolutely vital that you have a crew. Otherwise, it is essentially the same game, just online.

As you progress, you will unlock more ways to play through new recruits and upgrade currency. Following the many delays that have hit the game, it is just pleasing to see the online mode for Watch Dogs: Legion finally launch. You can view the full patch notes at the Ubisoft forums.

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