Lil' Rag is the most busted of Hearthstone's new Battlegrounds minions

Lil’ Rag is the most busted of Hearthstone’s new Battlegrounds minions

In addition to completely resetting players’ MMR ranking, this week’s Hearthstone patch also added four new heroes and 15 Elemental minions. It’s safe to say that it has completely rekindled my interest in Battlegrounds, which I’ve been jamming since Tuesday, and it’s equally safe to say that the new tribe might be a little strong. Elementals synergise best with builds that focus on spamming Battlecry effects and turns in which you buy and sell units like a panicked frozen concentrated orange juice trader

Of the new heroes in version 18.4, Ragnaros the Firelord is the obvious pick. According to HSReplay‘s data, the iconic insect-hater is the only Tier 1 hero in the game right now, with an average finishing placement of 3.00. Yup, even ahead of Jandice Barov, the previous most likely candidate for a nerf, due to the effects of her sickening Pogohopper addiction

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