Looks like Dragon Ball and Fortnite fans are getting their wishes granted by the Eternal Dragon. Today, Epic Games confirmed the rumor that Fortnite is getting a crossover with Dragon Ball Z, and it all begins next week. The company didn’t reveal what kind of cosmetics or events are on the way, but an earlier leak did include some clues.

In early July, a leaker spotted what was clearly a logo of Capsule Corp., a fictional company that has been a part of the series for a long time, within the game files. The logo was plastered on an in-game capsule, hinting that it could be a usable item in the game. There was also a Capsule Corp. patch, which may be a part of the incoming line of cosmetics.


Naturally, a Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite crossover will include skins. Characters such as Goku are expected, but we’ll probably see Vegeta, Future Trunks, and others. I’d be happy with a skin of Yamcha, who will hopefully, and thematically, once again die in all new and hilarious ways. It’s my favorite running joke. Speaking of, if we don’t get a Yamcha death emote, then this whole thing is a wash.

Next time on Dragon Ball Nite

Dragon Ball Z is only the latest in many, many Fortnite crossovers. More recently, the battle royale welcomed the likes of both Indiana Jones and Spider-Man. They joined plenty of cartoonish characters from other game universes, like the Master Chief and Street Fighter‘s Blanka. Really though, Fortnite is becoming the all-game crossover franchise players wanted Smash Bros. to be.


Fortnite is getting Dragon Ball content starting on August 16. The Fortnite fan Twitter account, FortniteBR, recently discovered the in-game lobby background changing to a gorgeous artistic rendition of Kame House. Even if you’re not a fan of Fortnite, you gotta respect the love Epic is showing.

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