Image: Pokemon GO, Niantic

Tomorrow, a brand new season will get underway in Pokémon GO, and developer Niantic has already given us a quick tease as to what we should expect.

It’ll be called the ‘Season of Heritage’, and as any Pokémon fans reading will likely pick up on themselves, the art and wording appear to be hinting towards a Pokémon Legends: Arceus tie-in. With that game (which will take players on a journey through the Sinnoh region’s past) launching on Switch in January, it’s certainly the right time for such an event.

The Season of Heritage will kick off at 10am local time tomorrow, 1st December (thanks, Eurogamer), and while details on what it’ll contain haven’t yet been revealed, it’s easy to take a guess at what could be present.

It’s possible that the new season could bring with it some Hisuian Pokémon (new forms of old favourites that are set to appear in Legends: Arceus) or perhaps even Arceus itself, a Mythical Pokémon that – according to in-game lore – is the creator of the entire Pokémon universe.

We’ll see for ourselves tomorrow, but until then, feel free to let us know what you hope to see in the comments below.

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