Lost Judgment is getting three rounds of DLC post-launch, one of which is a proper expansion. It’s a first for Yakuza developer RGG Studio, which has only dabbled in small add-ons previously. And yes, you read the headline correctly. Set to release in Spring 2022, ‘The Kaito Files’ is described as a ten-hour, story-driven expansion where you play as Kaito, the burly ex-yakuza.

If you’ve played Judgment, then you’ll already be familiar with Kaito. He’s protagonist Takayuki Yagami’s best friend and business partner. He’s not bad in a fight, either.

But before The Kaito Files, Lost Judgment is nabbing two different DLC bundles. The first is the ‘Detective Essentials Pack’, which contains all kinds of stuff. New detective dogs, new girlfriends, a new skateboard, more playable Master System games… You get the idea.

Meanwhile, the second bundle expands on things, offering a new race course, special dance moves, and the ability to use Yagami’s boxing techniques outside of the boxing minigame. It also lets you spar with Yagami’s friends.

Lost Judgment DLC

Add all of this together, and you’ve got a surprisingly hefty DLC schedule. The only problem is that all of this stuff is locked behind the Digital Deluxe (includes the first two DLC packs) and Digital Ultimate (includes the DLC packs plus the expansion) editions of the game. RGG Studio says that all of the DLC will be available to purchase separately as it launches — but there’s been no word on pricing.

What do you make of this? Have you been itching to play as Kaito? Start throwing your fists in the comments section below.

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