We’re nearing the closing stages of Genshin Impact‘s Lost Riches 2.0 event. There are three more days and one last challenge remaining. Here’s our Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 guide to help you with the final unlockable challenge, as well as the locations for Days 5, 6, and 7 of the event.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub, as well as our overview for the version 2.0 update. You may also take a look at our main guide for the Lost Riches 2.0 event.


Genshin Impact: Lost Riches 2.0 – The final unlockable challenge (Days 5, 6, and 7)

Day 5: North of Kujou Encampment and Jakotsu Mine

The first location here is actually close to the Pyro Hypostasis fast travel point. Simply check along the coast to find Iron Coins.

As for the second location, it’s in Jakotsu Mine on Yashiori Island. As far as I can tell, there are no dig sites on the dragon bones or platforms themselves. You just need to check the mine for them.

Day 6: Eastern and western Yashiori Island

For Day 6 of the Lost Riches 2.0 event in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to head to Musoujin Gorge in Yashiori Island. The dig sites that I saw here were on the hilltops and grasslands close to the large tree further east of the Momoji-Dyed Court domain.

Gen Pct Lsr Inz Ev Gd D567 Ch 2

Once you’ve obtained everything here, head to the area just south of Higi Village/west of Serpent’s Head. It’s near the spot with one of the Orobashi’s Legacy puzzles.

As usual, follow the Seelie around until you discover the dig sites. In my case, the last spot (seen in the image below) turned into the challenge marker.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 Day 5 6 7 Last Final Unlockable Challenge 2a

For the final challenge in the Lost Riches 2.0 event, I was up against a Cryo Cicin Mage and Mirror Maiden. But, there’s a unique goal: you have to defeat your targets without getting frozen more than three times. Crowd control and burst nuke abilities are actually important here. These will prevent your enemies from casting spells that’d freeze your characters. When you’re done, you’ll receive 5x Hero’s Wit.

Anyway, we’ll go ahead and wait for tomorrow’s daily reset. It’ll be Day 7 of the Lost Riches 2.0 event, and it doesn’t look like we’ll see another Special Treasure.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 Day 5 6 7 Last Final Unlockable Challenge 2b

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