Marvel’s latest addition to its cinematic universe is the fourth instalment of the Norse superhero – Thor: Love & Thunder. The new movie brings back favourites from the original trilogy like Korg, Miek, Sif, and even Jane Foster, who plays a major role. Marvel Contest of Champions, the franchise’s hit mobile fighting game is celebrating the film’s release as well with lots of in-game events. In the latest trailer players can see the chaos unfold in the Battlerealm as Thor, Mighty Thor, and Valkyrie take on the god killers – Gorr, Mangog, and Hela.

While a tonne of stuff is happening in Marvel Contest of Champions, there’s a real-world event that for fans in the USA and Canada that should not be missed. Marvel CoC has collaborated with Hasbro to launch a giveaway that will give a random winner the exclusive Marvel Legends Series Mighty Thor Mjolnir Electronic Hammer. If you’re a Thor fan, you do not want to miss out on owning the replica of the hero’s beloved weapon. The contest begins on July 22nd and will end on July 27th. Players can find out more about this through the in-game mail.

Shifting gears to the in-game happenings, until August 2nd, players have a chance to add to their rosters either Thor (Ragnarok) or Thor (Jane Foster) for free. Other MCU-inspired skins from the four Thor movies will also be up for grabs, including Korg, Odin, Hela, Loki, and members of the Guardians of the Galaxy like Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Groot, and more. Furthermore, the addition of the Valkyrie and Gorr skins was announced a couple of weeks ago with the god butcher arriving on July 14th while the queen of Asgard will join the squad on July 28th. Be sure to check out their Champion Reveal trailers as well!


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