Mechanist Games has released the strategic game Cyberpunk Mobile – Star City. Here, you start as a nobody who dreams of conquering the world. There are shining robot arms, colourful neon lights surrounding the city, and gangsters roaming the streets that belong to Fujiwara Group. Little by little, you gather your friends and start to build a loyal and faithful army to bring down the Fujiwara Group. Go and live your dream of becoming the Ultimate Boss by competing for supremacy.

About the game

In the world of Star city, every character has a backstory that affects everybody. The boss of the sushi restaurant is the biggest underground leader in the world, or the old man next door was an expert hacker back in the day! So, you will dig up all these hidden stories and help them rise to the top of Star City.
These twisted and bizarre plotlines with specially designed characters and scenes give you the feel of areal open world. Select your gang and decide where you want to settle your truf with your gang. You can construct the layout and even customise the buildings! It’s up to you when to attack and fight, or you can simply attack, go all in and capture enemy recruits. You can also battle with players worldwide for Star city, for honour and for glory so that you can be the one to take control!

Final Words

If you like to take on challenges or know how to rule a city, Star City is possibly a good option for you! You will form strategies, share your truf with your gang or go all-in on battles to become the one who controls everything. There are no rules or stages that are going to stop your expedition in Star City. Finding allies and building strategies is not the only thing you have to do. You will need to constantly watch your back always be ready for a fight.

Cyberpunk Mobile- Star City is out now in selected countries

Cyberpunk Mobile – Star City is now available in selected countries, including all Russian-speaking countries, the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands. If you are from these regions, then you can download it now from Google Play.
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