Metal Slug appears to be back from the dead thanks to SNK and Pokemon Unite (COD and PUBG Mobile, too) developer TiMi Studios. Metal Slug Code: J will bring the beloved series’ side-scrolling action to iOS and Android in the hopefully not-too-distant future, and first impressions from today’s gameplay trailer are fairly positive.

To my eyes, the new visual style isn’t too bad at all – it certainly feels like a Metal Slug game. Some of the environments seem a little familiar, though this doesn’t appear to be a standard remake. Maybe they’ve just pulled bits and pieces of levels from the earlier games?

The important thing is that the run-and-gun action remains intact. The trailer shows off what we can expect in terms of the touchscreen controls, with an on-screen thumbstick and plenty of skill-specific buttons. I don’t doubt that it will, at the very least, be super functional.

It’s also important to note that Code: J is only a working title, and before anyone starts grumping about the next Metal Slug game being designed for mobile, just remember that SNK has its own console entry in the works.

As I say, though, Code: J isn’t something to be sniffed at, especially given that TiMi Studios has a solid track record when it comes to bringing beloved IPs to mobile. So give the gameplay a watch and see what you make of it. You’ll find today’s full press release available here
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