Microsoft has filed a statement in support of Epic’s request for a temporary restraining order against Apple’s plan to remove its access to iOS development tools. Kevin Gammill, Microsoft’s general manager of gaming developer experiences,  said in the filing that the Unreal Engine is “critical technology for numerous game creators,” and that blocking Epic’s ability to support it on iOS and MacOS “will harm game creators and gamers.”

Epic filed for the restraining order last week, after Apple’s “devastating” response to its lawsuit over alleged “monopolistic practices” on the iOS App Store: As well as removing Fortnite, Apple also said that it will terminate of all Epic’s developer accounts and access to development tools on August 28. Epic said that action will leave it “irreparably harmed” even if it wins the lawsuit, because its inability to support the Unreal Engine for iOS and MacOS while the case works its way through the courts will force developers to move to other technology.

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