Superhot Team pumped out an update today in response to the anger which stemmed from its latest release. Apparently, the Superhot: Mind Control Delete ending really got people riled up, all because of a loading screen. It was a bit long though, to be fair.

Minor spoilers for the ending follow.

Players that made it to the ending were met with an alarming message that made even the mightiest of game patches look weak. A critical message appeared which informed the player that the game needed to recover deleted data. The wait time was no less than eight hours.

The final countdown

This of course was by design, and not an actual problem with the game. Superhot Team pulled a fast one on everyone, and unfortunately, it didn’t go over well with most. Disgruntled players took to online boards to express their dissatisfaction over being unable to play the game until the joke was over. It’s a fair argument, though others found it to be an easy enough wait to overcome. Regardless, the developers finally stepped in today and issued a patch to fix the Superhot: Mind Control Delete ending.

The game’s co-director, Marcin Surma, took some time today to explain the issue in an interview. “Originally the timer was going to be 24 hours, but they shortened it to eight; and now, two and a half.”

“After all,” continued Surma, “we don’t want to punish the players, we want players to feel both the significance of what they themselves achieved during the ending, and to have a moment to be part of this experience more as performing along than just playing.”

Superhot: Mind Control Delete ending

Enemies may line up to die.

So, there you have it: the internet wins again. Eight hours is a bit steep in my opinion, but not a deal-breaker by any means. And honestly, the Superhot Team probably knew what to expect when they made that decision in the first place. At any rate, the issue should be done and over with. Superhot: Mind Control Delete is a great title in and of itself, as our reviewer Steven Wong noted in his review. The game is available on Steam, the Windows Store, the Epic Games Store, and GOG for $24.99 USD.

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