Mission Zero is an upcoming stealth PvP game for mobile from NetEase. A couple of weeks ago, the developer dropped a new trailer and details regarding its technical test that is set to begin in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand from July 8th onwards. Today, a few days prior to testing, more content in the form of three new character trailers that reveal more lore and gameplay about Mission Zero as well.

Aya: The Ramage Girl

An extremely popular girl who served some time in juvenile, Aya is someone who loves the spotlight. She also loves swinging her bat, whacking enemies out of the way. Her superior genetics allow her to survive things like the hell-like Mobius test. Her passive skill causes knockback, while her other skills cause damage and knockback to Sirius, with an increased attack range as well.

Gabriel: The Gladiator of Hook


A Weasel born in the underground city, Gabriel has been hardened by his surroundings and seems like quite a scary guy. But in reality, all that is just a mask and he’s someone completely different when you get to know him. He’s a man of many faces, and cutely enough, Gabriel cannot sleep without his unicorn doll. His first skill makes use of a hook to attack while the second one is defensive, and provides him with immunity and a shield that blocks incoming damage. His passive skill reduces the cooldown of other skills when successfully used.

Vanessa: The Pale Rose


Vanessa is a cleaning robot manager and absolutely despises dirt. For her, Sirius members fall in the same category so she looks to clean them up as well. Her passive skill gives her a movement boost when going towards allies, with her other skills slowing enemies down and giving Vanessa some teleportation abilities.

Which character are you looking most forward to? Find more information on Mission Zero’s official website.
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