Capcom continues to spread the Monster Hunter love to the PC. With Monster Hunter World (and its expansion) and, next year, Monster Hunter Rise, one would assume that the company will continue supporting the PC as a gaming platform. Well, it’s true. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is heading to PC via Steam on July 9 this year.

For those who didn’t own the original on the Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter Stories is a different take on the base games. They don’t focus so much on the endless grind of carving off monster buttocks to create weapons and armor to tackle more hardened monster buttocks. No, the game, and its sequel Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, are role-playing games. Cheery, colorful, and with a more anime aesthetic, the games lean toward story and Pokémon-style, turn-based battles. As opposed to Hunters, the protagonists are referred to as Riders, who can create bonds with monsters instead of just turning them into steaks.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 puts you in the role of a customizable Rider off to tackle mysteries on the island. The wyverns known as Rathalos have vanished. It’s up to you and a mysterious girl named Ena to find out what happened. Ena also introduces you to your first monster partner, a Razewing Ratha that hatches from an egg.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Steam connection

Monster Hunter Stories 2 looks to take you places. The official site shows off a variety of locales and environments, such as Mehana Village and Alcala, an area with “primeval forests unchanged since ancient times.” Snowy mountains and sandy beaches also make up the game’s world.

The game will also share some kind of cross-over content with Monster Hunter Rise. It’s not clear if this option is locked to the Switch versions or not. However, it seems that owning both games will grant some bonuses if you play Monster Hunter Stories 2 when it launches for PC in July.

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