Many PC Monster Hunter World players have bemoaned the fact that the best version of the game has always received updates well after consoles did. But as Bob Dylan would say, the times are a-changin’. No longer will PC players have to watch from afar as console players fight all the slightly different variations of monsters or covet the slightly different gear that console players have from repeatedly killing said monster variants.

However, come April 23, the playing field will become even. Some new stuff is coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne that aims to satiate players hungry for the hunt. Two new giant boss things will be added to the endgame Hunting Grounds area. Players will be able to square off with a Master Rank Kulve Taroth, an already deeply imposing Elder Dragon that will now be more of a death machine than ever before. Joy. Successfully whittling this dragon down to nothing with the help of friends or randos will allow them to make new armor by peeling the flesh from its rancid carcass.

If that slice of unspeakable horror isn’t enough for you (and it’s never enough, is it, Steve?), then you can also get the ever-loving crap kicked out of you by an Arch-Tempered Namielle in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Just like with Kulve Taroth, there’ll be new armor to craft and new tears to cry as your entire party gets wiped by one massive attack simultaneously.

In case it’s not already obvious, you can only fight these baddies if you have the Iceborne expansion. If you don’t, you’re going to have to make do with all the other stuff you can kill. Here is a link to the event times if you’re so inclined. And let’s face it — you’re probably thinking about climbing atop these massive creatures and stabbing their eyes out right now. How could you?!

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