NetEase and Lemon Games’ Warbound Storm might have only just launched for Android earlier this month, but already its creators are prepping a major content update. It’s set to arrive on July 31st, and we have the first details on what to expect.

First things first, you might not have had a chance to play Warbound Storm yet, and that’s likely because it’s currently only available for Android devices in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

So if you’re new to the game, this one’s a real-time strategy experience that casts you as an all-powerful summoner whose job it is to conjure armies of soldiers, construct new and improved buildings, and crush all enemies underfoot.

Your primary task is to assemble decks of cards that can then be used to tackle the task at hand. Strategic planning and the ability to alter your approach if required are essential to victory, with matches adopting a non-linear style of play. This basically means you won’t be forced to tackle linear mission objectives, allowing the game to keep you on your toes.

By challenging you to organise your troop deployment, combat approach, and deck while commanding multiple armies at once, Warbound Storm offers a more in-depth strategy experience than we’re perhaps used to seeing on mobile.
Its incoming update introduces an intense 2v2 mode that sounds perfect for more advanced co-op play. You’ll soon be able to partner with friends to take down rival players with all-new battle tactics. To celebrate its launch, a number of discount packs will be available to the in-game shop, giving all commanders a chance to bolster their troops. These packs include the New Recruit Discount Pack, Rank Booster Pack, Rank Value Pack, and Rank Discount Pack.

If you’re living in one of the supported regions, you’ll find Warbound Storm available for download now from over on Google Play.
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