Jump back into the driver’s seat and fire up the engine of your favorite Formula One sports car. The F1 2020 Hot Lap trailer shows off George Russell’s home turf and his iconic Williams. The historic Silverstone Circuit is the latest addition to the game and it’s out now.

This weekend marks the beginning of a Silverstone double-header, and F1 2020 offers the perfect opportunity to get a virtual tour of the famous circuit. Beginning as an allied airfield in World War 2, Silverstone became the famous location we know today after the war ended. The track evolved over time into the 5.891km design in use today, and it’s all modeled accurately in F1 2020. Take note of Silverstone Wing, Luffield, the Maggots, Becketts, the Chapel section, and the final Club complex. It’s all there.

The details are particularly important today for those who are unable to attend the events in person, or simply wish for more than a glimpse at the famous complex. Codemasters recognized this, and now you can experience the atmosphere of Silverstone whenever you want. You might even win if you’re skilled enough.

A tribute to a classic British circuit

The F1 2020 Hot Lap trailer shows off a gameplay preview of the track with a mix of first-person and cinematic angles. The preview is a bit controlled, but this track looks like it can provide some great thrills with the pedal fully to the metal.

F1 2020 has done an incredible job in capturing the spirit of Formula One racing as Jason Rodriguez noted in his review earlier this month. It’s exciting to see the game continue to add content and updates, especially those related to the real world. We imagine there are plenty more iconic tracks to come in the near future, as well. For anyone interested, F1 2020 is available on Steam and Stadia.

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