A recent listing has hinted at when fans can expect the next Tales from the Borderlands game. As spotted by Twitter user Wario64, New Tales from the Borderlands looks to have been given an October release date. More specifically, the listing claims that the sequel will arrive on October 21.

The listing was for an entry called New Tales From the Borderlands. It’s unclear if this is a working title or the final name but either way, it makes sense. Speaking of making sense, this leak seems reliable enough. We’ve seen listings like this in the past come true many times before, plus the given release date sounds about right too.


It was first announced that a Tales From the Borderlands sequel was in the works back in April. In that very announcement, publisher 2K Games confirmed that it would arrive at some point this year. As we approach the closing quarter of 2022, it only seems natural that an announcement would be coming soon. This isn’t quite an official announcement, but it certainly sets the stage for one.

Outside of a possible release date, we don’t know much about the next Tales from the Borderlands. What we do know is that it’s a sequel to the original 2014 game that was developed by Telltale and that it will feature a new cast of characters. However, Telltale doesn’t look likely to be involved this time around. Instead, Gearbox is thought to be heading development. Although it isn’t out of the question that a third-party studio could be involved too. We’ll have to wait for the official reveal to find out more.

When will the official reveal be?

No one knows for sure, but we can be confident that an official reveal is coming soon. Most of the time when a release date is leaked for a big game like New Tales From the Borderlands, publishers are quick to show their hand. It’s best for them to capitalize on the hype while it’s high rather than leave fans wondering. Don’t be surprised if an announcement trailer is dropped sometime over the next few weeks.

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