With spring coming up fast and TennoCon a few months away, Digital Extremes surely knows that the Warframe fanbase is eagerly awaiting more news regarding the big update coming to the free-to-play hit. In order to give players more of a clear idea of just what to expect, a new Warframe Dev Workshop video has arrived, full of juicy details. If you are a big fan of the Railjack gameplay, you are in for a treat.

In the Dev Workshop, Digital Extremes’ live ops and community director, Rebecca Ford, is on hand to detail all the big changes coming to Warframe later this month. Update 29.10.0: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack will overhaul basically everything about the Railjack.


As part of the overall feel of Warframe, the development team is keen to keep things flowing. This means that the gun and blade work well together, missions are challenging and focused, and how players move from one section to another is almost natural.

However, the Railjack is in need of some improvement.

The Railjack update and changes for Warframe

This year, the Railjack system will be simplified. For those just starting out, the cost of ship components and the time needed to build them have been drastically reduced. In other words, new players will get up to speed at a much quicker pace than before. If you rather skip all that, you can buy a fully built Railjack for Platinum in the Market instead.

Avionics will now give way to Railjack mods. No longer do you need to worry about upgradable grid slots. In fact, as the Warframe Dev Workshop video points out, you won’t even need to worry about equipping things on the Railjack anymore.

Every Tenno will now come with a Plexus, which will be required for every Railjack mission. This is where all of your mods will be located. Battle/Tactical mods remain unchanged, and are kept personal no matter which Railjack you board. Integrated mods will function just like Warframe mods: personal ones benefit you, while Aura mods benefit the Railjack and the rest of your squad. These Aura mods will go straight into the designated slot on the Plexus.

For convenience sake, the Plexu can be modded in three areas. You can mod the Plexu in your Dry Dock terminal, in the new Dry Docks found in various Relays (accessible via Fast Travel), and in your own Orbiter. The Dirac, which was used to upgrade Avionics, will now be converted into Endo. This allows for a more cohesive upgrading experience through Warframe.

Switching things up

The Warframe Dev Workshop also touched on the Intrinsics system. In this new vision for the system, you will need to respec all of your Intrinsics when you log in for the first time after the update. As Digital Extremes puts it, this is a big change, giving everyone a fresh start.

The team is overhauling the various progression trees, and is looking to reward players’ investment in progression. From Ranks one to 10, you can expect changes galore.

New Warframe Dev Workshop Delivers With Huge Update Details (2)

Apart from those changes, there is also the addition of the new Command Intrinsic. This will allow you to recruit crewmates after visiting Ticker in Fortuna. This additional help will fill in if you are ever in a squad of fewer than four Tennos. Proficiency will differ along with costs, and you can train them up as well.

More to come

That is not all that is being covered in this Warframe Dev Workshop. Digital Extremes also provided details about improvements to Railjack layouts, changing how nodes work, and new mission types. You can expect to enjoy this new experience in Update 29.10.0, which will set the stage for Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii.

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