Ocean Hunter is a colourful sea-themed match-3 puzzler that

Ocean Hunter is a colourful sea-themed match-3 puzzler that’s available now for iOS and Android | Articles

Ocean Hunter is a sea-themed, match-three title that released on 13th August this year for both iOS and Android that offers up some cool in-depth features that you won’t find with the usual slate of match-three games currently on the app stores.

There are boosters available to help you out across the game’s 1000 plus levels and these can be earned through a card-based system. There will be different sets of cards to collect and once you’ve done so you’ll net yourself several free unstoppable boosters as a reward. This will include rockets, bombs and a hammer to clear tiles in a visually exciting explosion.

There’s also a twist on the genre to be found within Ocean Hunter that will become apparent once you’ve beaten a few stages. There are fewer moves to complete and more free boosters that will be triggered by making a special item during play. In fact, stages cannot be cleared unless players make boosters so you’ll never find yourself with limited special items.
There will also be a focus on multiplayer too, with a clan system in place so you can enjoy the game with your friends. This will allow players to provide each other with aid on trickier levels. Similarly, there’s also a tournament mode where you can pit your skills against other players, with those who finish in the top ten receiving massive prizes.

Ocean Hunter is free-to-play and available now over on the App Store and Google Play.

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