Everyone’s favorite open-world mystery game, Outer Wilds, might be receiving some DLC in the future. The game currently has an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam, so it’s a good bet that players will be more than happy to dive back into the game. The first big clue is that a new SteamDB entry, which showed up on April 28. The DLC is apparently going to be titled Echoes of the Eye and will presumably cast players into the role of some kind of bat ophthalmologist. Okay, no, I completely made that last part up. But that sure would be something, wouldn’t it?

The Twitter user who initially tweeted about the SteamDB page was subsequently retweeted by the publisher of Outer Wilds, Annapurna Interactive. Its tweet was a single eye emoji. Get it? Echoes of the Eye. It’s got the word “eye” in it. Brilliant. The game’s developer also retweeted it with different eye emojis. Apparently this is what constitutes discourse now. What a time to be alive. Or al-eye-ve. I’ll see myself out.


There’s no release date or, well, any sort of official announcement regarding the DLC’s release as of yet. You might want to keep something peeled. I can’t think of the phrase.

Wild and crazy lids

Outer Wilds was originally released in mid-2019 to widespread acclaim. It even won a BAFTA. I’m not sure what exactly it would do with one of those things that the Tuscan Raiders ride around on. But that’s irrelevant, isn’t it? The game is set in space and sees players exploring an open environment to find a way to break free of a time loop. Of course, there are survival elements. Oxygen levels need to be kept in good shape, lest players find themselves like Major Tom, minus the tin can. We’ll have more on the possible DLC as it’s announced.

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