Trudging wearily into the office from the rain-slicked pavement and slipping out of their sodden trenchcoats, the PC Gamer team gathers around the corkboard to discuss the latest leads in the case. This month in exploring gaming’s dark and dangerous back alleys, Robert solves supernatural crimes in the Blackwell quintilogy, Robin expands his deck in Roguebook, Daniella discusses community and maternity in Final Fantasy XIV, and Luke joins the fuzz in Chicken Police: Paint it Red!

Cracking the Case in the Blackwell Quintilogy – Robert Zak

(Image credit: Wadjet Eye Games)

We all have our ‘end of a long day’ games that we relax in without the faculties of refl exes or a fully switched-on brain. For me lately, those games have been Dave Gilbert’s Blackwell series. They’re 2D point-and-click adventures in the old-school mould – they wait patiently as I click their scenes down to every last detail, they’re 100% voice acted, and their jazzy soundtracks envelop me like steam rising from a New York subway.

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