Pokémon Masters EX Battle Villa Tips: Lucky Skills, Best Sync Pairs, and More

The Battle Villa is one of the
best ways to earn gems to scout sync pairs in Pokémon Masters EX, and it’s the
only way to earn lucky cookies to teach your sync pairs lucky skills. You can
earn these great prizes by taking on a gauntlet of battles each day using nine
sync pairs. A new Battle Villa challenge period occurs every two weeks,
resetting your completion progress and allowing you to earn each reward all
over again. The Battle Villa can be a struggle at first, but once your team
becomes strong enough to clear it every challenge period, the rewards really
start to pile up.

The Battle Villa is tough, so read
on to get some tips on how best to prepare. With some clever decisions, you’ll be
able to progress from the gates of the Battle Villa all the way to its final
hall with time to spare each challenge period. Don’t worry if you haven’t already
built up a huge roster of powerful sync pairs in Pokémon Masters EX. You can
check the Boss Details section of the Area Details screen of each hall before
you start battling to get an idea which sync pairs you’ll need to power up to
meet the challenge. Plus, you’ll earn rewards for every hall you clear, whether
you make it all the way to the end or not.

Lucky skills—additional passive
skills taught by lucky cookies—are both a unique reward of the Battle Villa and
a huge help in its halls. You’ll first need to use a lucky scroll to unlock a
sync pair’s lucky skill slot, then use a lucky cookie and hopefully receive a
powerful lucky skill. If you want your favorite sync pairs to be as strong as possible,
you’ll need to challenge the Battle Villa to help them learn lucky skills.

Both lucky cookies and lucky
scrolls are earned by completing Battle Villa battles. You won’t know exactly
what lucky skill you’ll get until you use a lucky cookie, but you can narrow
things down a little by using the right kind of cookie.

There are four types of lucky
cookies, each associated with different lucky skills. Crunchy Lucky Cookies teach
lucky skills mostly related to attacking, Creamy Lucky Cookies teach skills
that help guard against stat-lowering effects, Crispy Lucky Cookies teach
skills that counter status conditions and certain other conditions, and Chewy
Lucky Cookies teach skills that protect sync pairs against attacks of a certain
type. Lucky cookies also have a rarity, with 3★ lucky cookies having a greater
chance of teaching a higher-level skill.

To further increase the power of
their strike sync pairs, many players use Crunchy Lucky Cookies to try to get
skills like Critical Strike 2, which increases the damage of critical hits, and
Power Flux 3, which increases the damage of moves based on how full the move
gauge is. While tech and support sync pairs benefit from different lucky
skills, it’s hard to go wrong using Creamy Lucky Cookies to teach them Vigilance,
which prevents critical hits.

If you didn’t get the skill you
wanted, you can use another lucky cookie and try again. You’ll then get to pick
between the new skill and the old one. Keep challenging the Battle Villa and
collecting lucky cookies, and you’ll be able to customize your sync pairs to
take on anything.

The Battle Villa is a
gauntlet-style challenge that takes multiple days to complete. The individual
battles are still fought using Pokémon Masters EX’s standard 3-on-3 format, but
any damage your sync pairs receive and any MP they consume to use Trainer moves
carries over when you move on to the next hall. Each day, you choose a roster
of nine sync pairs to use. You can keep swapping these sync pairs in and out of
your team until they’ve all been knocked out, at which point you’ll have to
wait until the next day to continue. To get as far as you can each day, you’ll
need to be careful about which sync pairs you choose and when to use moves that
cost MP.

The Battle Villa consists of many
halls and typically only lasts for a two-week period, so you’ll need to be
strategic to make your way to the end. In many of these halls, you’ll face three
opponents that are all weak to the same type, but in certain halls you may face
up to nine opponents that both are stronger and have a wider variety of type
weaknesses. These tougher halls net the juicier milestone rewards, though, so
it’s worth the extra effort to take them on. Also, like your sync pairs, your
opponents’ remaining HP and battle status are carried over between battles.

If you’re just starting out, it
could take you several days to beat some of the most difficult halls, so try to
make the most of each day! Taking down a powerful opponent’s teammates and
whittling away at their health can make your next battle much easier. Furthermore,
at the start of each day, your roster of sync pairs is restored to full HP and
MP, and you can also edit which sync pairs to include in your roster for the

Whether you’re just starting out
and hoping you can clear the final hall before the next Battle Villa challenge
period, or you’re a veteran trying to clear the Battle Villa in as few days as
possible, you’ll get further in fewer days by focusing on endurance. With only
nine sync pairs to use each day, you’ll quickly run out of MP-fueled skills if
you use them recklessly. But many skills that cost MP also increase your sync
pairs’ stats, and you’ll take a lot more damage if you don’t use them. So how
do you balance both needs?

The most popular solution to this
problem is to make heavy use of the MP Refresh skills that are available to
sync pairs that have expanded sync grids. Skyla & Swanna have carried many
teams on their wings with the help of Potion: MP Refresh 2 and Take Flight!: MP
Refresh 3. These skills sometimes restore one MP of the respective move if the move is successful. The
ability to use Potion repeatedly to restore HP is fantastic in an endurance
challenge. Skyla & Swanna can also activate two separate sync grid tiles
that teach the skill Master Healer 1, which increases the amount of HP restored
by the user’s healing moves.

Another great method of gaining
power across multiple battles in the Battle Villa is with passive skills and
grid skills that activate when certain conditions are met. For instance, Sygna
Suit Blue & Blastoise have both the Force Field 4 passive skill, which has
a good chance of raising the Sp. Def of all allied sync pairs when using a sync
move, and Team Shout 9, which raises the Attack or Sp. Atk—or both—of all allied
sync pairs when hit by a move. Since none of these buffs cost MP, they can
activate as many times as the conditions are met. Similarly, Professor Oak
& Mew’s combination of grid skills First Aid 4, Shifty Striker 2, and Agile
Entry 2 allowed the sync pair to dominate battles in the early days of the Battle
Villa by raising the sync pair’s evasiveness and healing them once each battle
whenever they were in a pinch.

It might be tempting to just load up
your team with three sync pairs that can dish out a lot of damage against the
type weakness of the hall you’re about to face, but you’ll perform much better
if you exhibit a little more finesse. To make the most out of your limited roster
of sync pairs each day, identify just one or two sync pairs that are great at
dishing out damage of the type your opponents are weak to. For instance, if
your next opponents are weak against Rock-type attacks, you might want to
include Olivia & Lycanroc in your next team.

Instead of matching Olivia &
Lycanroc with even more Rock-type strike sync pairs, support them with sync
pairs that have higher defensive stats instead, ideally with moves that can
help Olivia & Lycanroc perform even better. Take Drake & Salamence—you’ll
probably never want to have them attack, but they can restore the Sp. Def that Olivia
& Lycanroc lose from using Hard as Diamonds!, and they can also restore the
move gauge, helping Lycanroc use the three-slot attack Stone Edge more frequently.
Olivia & Lycanroc can already increase their own Attack, so instead of
another support sync pair, consider finishing your team with a super-sturdy
sync pair like Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom or Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise.
You’ll deal far more damage this way than you would with three Rock-type sync

Some players even like to build
their whole team around a single concept. For instance, Cynthia & Garchomp
are most powerful when paired with a sync pair that can use Sandstorm, such as Acerola
& Palossand. Add a sturdy sync pair to the team (Caitlin & Reuniclus is
a popular choice, for they can learn the grid skill Sand Shelter), and you’ve
got a devastating combination brewing.

When constructing your team, make
sure to set the target order in the Tactics section of the Edit Team menu so
that opposing sync pairs target your strike sync pair last. The role of
your other sync pairs is mainly to support your attacker—you don’t want your
attacker going down before it can knock out the center opponent on the enemy

As you progress through the Battle
Villa, you’ll quickly notice that some opponents—especially those guarding the
milestone rewards every fifth hall—are much more powerful than others. These
sync pairs have huge amounts of HP and powerful attacks, much like the sync
pairs in Full-Force Battles. So how do you go about defeating them without
burning days of attempts if your team isn’t strong enough to power through them?

If you aren’t making much progress
through conventional means, try a different approach and stack status
conditions instead. Very few sync pairs in the Battle Villa are immune to being
poisoned, burned, or trapped by damaging effects from moves like Fire Spin and
Infestation. These percentage-based effects do more damage against sync pairs
with lots of HP, effectively using that strength against them. Sync pairs like
Sygna Suit Leaf & Venusaur, Viola & Masquerain, and Koga & Crobat
can be great choices for slowly wearing down powerful opponents.

You’ll still need your team to
survive as long as possible to make the most of these effects—status conditions
don’t carry over between bouts like missing HP does—but it’s not uncommon to
see the continuous damage from these effects hit high-HP opponents just as hard
as supereffective attacks. Try adding sync pairs to your team that can help
restore HP, increase your sync pairs’ defensive stats, or reduce the opponent’s
attack stats.

While you won’t be able to
continue battling after your sync pairs have been defeated for the day, one
thing you can do is help your squad get more powerful for the next day.

You can get a little more “oomph”
from your sync pairs by getting high-level gear from the co-op battles in the
EX Plaza. A full set of Lv. 15 2★ gear will grant 50 HP, 40
Attack, and 40 Sp. Atk to sync pairs with matching types. Sometimes those additional
stats are just enough of a boost to survive a powerful attack or to defeat a
sync pair before they can launch a sync move. Try to start out by getting a
full set of gear matching one of your favorite strike sync pairs.

A final, crucial way to power up
is by collecting sync orbs to fill out the sync grids of sync pairs that have
had their sync grids expanded. A full sync grid drastically empowers any sync
pair, and that extra power is more impactful in the Battle Villa than anywhere
else on Pasio. Many sync pairs gain HP-restoring or MP-restoring effects from
their sync grids, which is perfect for this battle of endurance.

Hopefully you’re feeling more
prepared to tackle the Battle Villa now, so get out there and give it a shot!
Whether you make it to the end or not each period, it’s fun to challenge
yourself. Try it out every day, and you might be surprised how far you get.

If you’re looking to get as many
lucky cookies as you can, don’t forget about the co-op Battle Villa battles. As
you progress in the Battle Villa, you’ll unlock two co-op battles that can be
completed once per day. These battles are challenging, but you’re guaranteed to
get at least one lucky cookie for clearing them. You could even earn one of the
rarer lucky cookies.

Show off your skills, earn some
lucky cookies, and see how quickly your team of sync pairs can make it all the
way to the end of the Battle Villa!

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