Pokémon Masters EX Champion Stadium Tips: Champion Spirits, Special Parameters, and More

Pokémon Masters EX‘s one-year
anniversary brought with it a lot of excitement, with one of the most exciting
additions being the Champion Stadium—the key to unlocking 6★
EX. Each week, players can challenge the Elite Four and Champion to earn
Champion Spirits, which can unlock 6★ EX for certain sync pairs.
These battles are challenges befitting the stature of the opponents you’ll
face, so it’s important to come prepared.

We’ll go over the rewards you’re
playing for, summarize the battling rules specific to the Champion Stadium, and
then walk you through some of our favorite tactics for taking down these
powerful foes. Many of these strategies are applicable in any battle in Pokémon
Masters EX, so read up if you’re looking to improve!

The Champion Stadium will only have the
Normal difficulty available when you first unlock it. This difficulty can be
comfortably cleared for completion rewards even by lower-level sync pairs. Once
you’ve had your first taste of the action, you’ll unlock Hard difficulty. Lv.
125 sync pairs are recommended for this difficulty. You can face challenging
battles here once per week for great rewards, so read on for tips about taking
on the toughest battles the Champion Stadium has to offer.

The Champion Stadium is a fun
weekly challenge in its own right, but these battles aren’t just for prestige. Completing
the difficult battles in the Champion Stadium is how you earn the special items
needed to unlock 6★ EX.

A unique reward in the Champion
Stadium is the Champion Spirit item, which is necessary for a 5★
sync pair on which you
used 20/20 Power-Up items to reach 6★ EX. You’ll earn some Champion
Spirits with each battle you win, so it’s important to clear each battle to
earn all the available rewards. You can also earn 5★ Power-Up
Tickets from each battle. You can exchange these tickets for Custom ★
Power-Ups, which are sync pair–exclusive versions of the 5★
Power-Up items needed to increase the potential of a 5★ sync

Sync pairs that unlock 6★
EX get a cool new outfit and an incredible boost to the power of their sync
moves, so it’s definitely worth taking on the Champion Stadium each week to
stock up on these valuable items!

The Champion Stadium pits you
against a region’s Elite Four and Champion in a series of five exciting battles.
Normal difficulty is unlikely to present much resistance if you’ve been playing
for a while, but Hard difficulty is more imposing. While you won’t need all of
the sync pairs you’ll use to be at max level to succeed at Hard difficulty, having
Lv. 125 sync pairs will greatly increase your margin for error, and most sync
pairs will struggle to contribute if they’re any lower than Lv. 110 or so. It’ll
definitely make a difference to teach your powerful sync pairs lucky skills and
develop their sync grids as well, but it isn’t necessary to win.

You can challenge the Hard difficulty
version of the Champion Stadium once each week, and to earn maximum rewards, you’ll
need to overcome some tricky obstacles that change weekly. You’ll need to
defeat each member of the Elite Four before you can battle the Champion. Each
member of the Elite Four and the Champion will have a different type weakness
that is shared with the Trainers who accompany them in the battle. You can
battle the Elite Four in any order you wish, but unlike the Normal difficulty
Champion Stadium, sync pairs won’t be eligible to participate in any of the
other battles for the week after they’ve helped defeat a member of the Elite
Four (your sync pairs can still participate if you lose, though).

Each battle will have at least one
special parameter in effect. These special parameters change each week and
include effects such as the move gauge charging faster or status conditions
dealing more damage. Special parameters are determined by the round you’re in,
not by specific Elite Four members, so you should determine the order in which you
challenge the Elite Four by how they’ll fare under the special parameter that
is in effect. For instance, if you were faced with the special parameter that
powers up allies’ and opponents’ special attack moves, you’d be better off
picking an opponent like Bruno, who uses mostly physical attacks—and thus won’t
benefit from the special parameter—instead of an opponent like Agatha, who is
more adept with special attacks.

Once you’ve defeated the Elite
Four, you’ll then be able to battle the Champion. The 12 sync pairs you battled
with to reach that point will still be unavailable, so make sure you set aside some
powerful sync pairs to defeat the final opponent! In addition to a fifth
special parameter that’ll be in effect during the battle against the Champion,
you’ll also have to choose one of the four special parameters from the previous
Elite Four battles to be in effect as well. Try to pick a parameter that will
give you an advantage or at least won’t give you a disadvantage.

In all, you’ll need five unique
teams of three sync pairs—15 sync pairs in total—to be victorious each week.
The unique quirks of these battles lead to several different approaches you can
use to complete them. We’ll go over three different strategies you can apply to
any of the battles in the Champion Stadium to help you plan your attack.

Since each battle consists of
three opponents that have the same weakness, the simplest way to approach the
Champion Stadium is to take advantage of that weakness. If you use three sync
pairs that match the opponents’ type weakness, not only will they all be able
to deal supereffective damage, they’ll also be able to increase each other’s
stats with type skills and gain the maximum benefit from gear of the same type.
You’ll notice this is often the approach suggested when you check out the
in-game hints.

A great example of this approach
would be a team consisting of Misty & Starmie, Sygna Suit Blue &
Blastoise, and Kris & Feraligatr against an Elite Four member weak against
Water. To take advantage of Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise’s passive skills
and high defensive stats, you’d probably want to set your team’s tactics so the
opponents target Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise first. Then, set your tactics
so Kris & Feraligatr are targeted last so that they can launch attacks for
as long as possible. Misty & Starmie can help out by using their moves to
reduce the damage the team takes. All three sync pairs can also contribute to offense
by dealing supereffective damage, and they can all have higher-than-normal
stats thanks to type skills and gear.

This approach requires lots of
high-level sync pairs to work every week, but it’s probably the safest way to
win. It’s also a great chance to use some sync pairs that you might not use
every day. When using this approach, it’s particularly important to max out
your gear and type skills in order to take advantage of your sync pairs being the
same type. You can earn skill spheres to power up your sync pairs’ type skills
in the Training Area, and you
can earn 2★ gear in EX Plaza battles, which
are located in the Co-op section of the in-game Explore menu.

Keep in mind that there are no
rules requiring you to use sync pairs that share the same type. While not doing so may not provide
you with the full benefits of gear and certain type skills, a team
consisting of a strong strike sync pair that can target the opponents’ weakness,
a support sync pair, and a sync pair that can absorb a lot of damage is still a
good answer to most battles. Be sure to use the tactics feature so that your sturdiest
sync pair is targeted first and your strike sync pair is targeted last.

If your roster of sync pairs is
looking a little light on sync pairs that can take advantage of your opponents’
weakness, consider a strategy that plays more into the battle’s special parameter.
While it’s still a huge advantage to have a strike sync pair that can exploit
the opponents’ weakness, some of the special parameters change the battle so
much that you can build your strategy around them.

The special parameter that increases
the effects of status conditions and other conditions is the perfect time to
shift gears from a more type-centric approach. Inflicting the badly poisoned
condition will quickly lead to an outrageous amount of damage, and you can add
even more with a trapping effect, like Viola & Masquerain’s Infestation or
Blaine & Rapidash’s Fire Spin. You can design whole strategies out of this
approach—try pairing a sync pair that poisons foes with Janine & Ariados or the player
character & Nidoqueen so you can reduce the stats of every opponent with
Venom Drench and leave them helpless! For a more offensive approach, you could
teach Karen & Houndoom Dirty Fighting 5 and Foul Fighting 5 through their
sync grid to increase their damage against targets affected by the conditions that
this special parameter enhances.

You can also change your team
composition in subtler ways to adapt to certain special parameters. If you’d
like all of your team’s sync pairs to be on the offensive—perhaps because you happen
to have lots of sync pairs that can exploit a type weakness—the special
parameter that increases the rate at which the move gauge fills is a great fit since
you’ll have enough move gauge to use between all three of your sync pairs. But if you have the
special parameter that reduces the sync move countdown, you might be better off
with a team of two support sync pairs and a single strike sync pair. The
support sync pairs can focus on using their Trainer moves to quickly reduce the
sync move countdown, freeing up the move gauge for your strike sync pair’s
attacks until they can unleash their sync move.

If you don’t have a strike sync
pair that can exploit the opponents’ weakness or a great way to take
advantage of the battle’s special conditions, simply throwing your strongest
sync pairs at the battle is a reasonable backup plan. Keep in mind that these
sync pairs will be locked out from future battles if they succeed, so you
should only use your strongest sync pairs together as a last resort, or once you’ve
made it to the Champion.

The key to simply overpowering a
battle or two each week is to use a team with great synergy in a similar vein
to what we suggested in our Pokémon
Masters EX Battle Villa Tips guide. In the Battle Villa, a key
consideration is endurance over many battles, but in the Champion Stadium,
you’ll want to focus more on quick bursts of damage or healing—it’s often game over
if the opponent makes it to a second sync move or your main attacker goes down.

As with most battles in Pokémon
Masters EX, try to create teams with a sync pair that can absorb a lot of
damage, a support sync pair that can restore the team’s HP, and a strike sync
pair that can deal a lot of damage. Battles in the Champion Stadium are quick
enough that you’ll need one of your sync pairs to boost your strike sync pair’s
Attack or Sp. Atk, as well as their critical-hit rate and Speed (alternate ways
of filling the move gauge faster are also great to have). If you can, you’ll
also want to work in some healing—most sync pairs with Potion get the job done

The best sync pairs for the Champion
Stadium combine a couple of these attributes. For example, Sabrina &
Alakazam are a great support sync pair that can get you out of tough spots—they
can use Sixth Sense! to heal a teammate and boost the teammate’s Sp. Atk,
boost allies’ critical-hit rate with Dire Hit All, and also reduce incoming
physical damage with Reflect. Sync pairs that can boost their own offensive
stats, like Giovanni & Mewtwo and Brendan & Sceptile, are similarly
much easier to build solid teams around, since you won’t want to give up much
in your team composition if you’re already not hitting super effectively.

You’ll have a much easier time
pulling this off if your sync pairs have developed sync grids, especially your strike
sync pairs. Some particularly strong sync pairs can make do without, but
investing some sync orbs into Iris & Haxorus, Wally & Gallade, Guzma
& Golisopod, and other strike sync pairs with expanded sync grids will be
well worth the investment.

The Champion Stadium is tricky
even if you have strong sync pairs, so don’t get discouraged if you have to
work at it a little. If you keep leveling up your sync pairs, collecting sync
orbs, and expanding your roster, the battles will get easier.

Plan ahead as much as you can.
Don’t use all of your strongest sync pairs in the first couple of battles
unless you’re confident you have a plan to sneak by the last opponents. The
Champion is typically a little tougher than the Elite Four, so you don’t want
to run out of gas before you get to the end.

One final tip—if you’re scrambling
to find suitable sync pairs, don’t forget that some sync pairs know attack
moves with types other than their own. For example, even if they don’t receive the full benefits
of gear and type skills, Cyrus & Palkia are plenty capable as a
substitute for a Water-type sync pair, Professor Oak & Mew can use attack
moves of several different types after using their sync move, and Gladion &
Silvally can fill in as any type after using My Mind’s Made Up!

Get back to battling and earn Champion Spirits to unlock 6★ EX!

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