Orbeetle is good at helping us set up, but it’s not a strong
attacker on its own, so we need to pair it with some other Stage 2 Pokémon that
have more offensive power. Ideally, that other Pokémon should also make good
use of Triple Acceleration Energy. Luckily, there are plenty of good options! I
decided to go with Coalossal,
another new Pokémon from Sword & Shield—Battle Styles.

Coalossal’s Coal Cannon has perfect synergy with Triple
Acceleration Energy and can, with enough Energy and some luck, Knock Out any
Pokémon in the game, even TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX and Pokémon VMAX! It also
has an impressive 180 HP and great typing, doing extra damage to popular
Pokémon like Eternatus VMAX and
Pikachu & Zekrom-GX
due to their Weakness to Fighting types.

Since Coalossal will be our main attacker, we want a way to
attach more than one Energy per turn to it. This is where Porygon-Z comes into play as the
last missing piece at the core of this deck concept. With access to Porygon-Z’s
Crazy Code Ability, which allows you to attach Special Energy cards from your
hand to 1 of your Pokémon, we can freely attach all our Special Energy and get
some big Knock Outs with Coal Cannon.

The main goal for this deck early in the game is to set up
an Orbeetle by evolving from Blipbug
directly using a Rare Candy,
attaching a Triple Acceleration Energy, and setting up the rest of our Stage 2 Pokémon.
The Pokémon lines reflect this strategy—we play four Blipbug to find two of
them immediately. Rolycoly is
less important since we plan to set up the first few Coalossal with Orbeetle’s Evomancy.
I didn’t include any Porygon,
so it’s important to use Evomancy to look for two Porygon-Z to have as backup
in case one of them gets Knocked Out.

Outside of our main Pokémon, I chose to include two Snorlax. We need to use Pokémon
to access additional cards in our deck, especially when we don’t have a
Supporter card in hand. Adding Snorlax to the deck makes it so all our cards
for searching out Pokémon can get us out of a weak opening, which makes
successfully setting up Orbeetle—and execution of our strategy—more likely. I
decided for Snorlax in favor of other options like Crobat V or Dedenne-GX
for multiple reasons—it’s usable with Capture Energy, gives up only a single Prize card when it’s
Knocked Out, and it’s a great Pokémon to open with at the start of the game. It
can even be a relevant attacker in this deck!

Finding the right combination of Supporter cards for this
deck is difficult. Professor’s Research
is the strongest draw card in the game and will help us find a lot of
Energy once Porygon-Z is in play, but it can be awkward in the early game if we
have a hand we don’t want to discard. Marnie
draws fewer cards but lets us put important cards back on the bottom of
the deck for later, and it disrupts the opponent’s hand at the same time.

Bird Keeper lets
us draw only 3 cards but allows us to keep all the cards we already have in
hand. It also gives us some mobility to get Snorlax in or out of the Active
Spot. Skyla and Opal are great in the first few
turns and can help us find Basic Pokémon or missing pieces of our combo.
There’s a lot of room for experimentation with all these different options.

The Items in this list are simple and all about setting up. Pokémon Communication fills two
important roles in the deck: it’s our main way of finding specific Pokémon we
need, and it can put Stage 2 Pokémon back into the deck for Evomancy. Remember,
Orbeetle can only look for Pokémon in the deck, so being stuck with multiple
Porygon-Z or Coalossal in hand could be a serious problem. Quick Ball is another great
search card, but since our deck isn’t very reliant on Basic Pokémon and already
has access to Capture Energy and Blipbug’s Call for Family, it’s less

Rare Candy is usually the key to making Stage 2 decks work,
and even with Orbeetle, this one is no different. We need Rare Candy to start
using Evomancy as soon as possible and to set up additional Coalossal toward
the end of the game, so it’s important to have access to it as frequently as

Since we need only Colorless Energy, we can take full
advantage of all the format’s best Special Energy cards, even outside of Triple
Acceleration Energy. Twin Energy,
Recycle Energy, and
Capture Energy are all amazing cards, and we need a lot of Energy for our
deck’s strategy to work, so I included four of each of them.

For the last few spots in the deck, I’ve added two copies of
Glimwood Tangle, a Stadium
card that can give us a second try if some Coal Cannon coin flips don’t go our
way. It also works with Snorlax’s Body Slam, which can be a very useful attack.
Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star is
another Stadium card that works great in this deck. It hardly affects our own
Pokémon since we usually attach a lot of extra Energy, but it can be very
annoying to deal with for other decks.

Lastly, I added a Mew
since there are a lot of popular decks that can attack the Bench, and its
Ability, Bench Barrier, gives us a much better chance against them.

Orbeetle is
a unique card that really turns deckbuilding upside down. At one extreme, you
could play several different Stage 2 Pokémon with none of their previous evolved
forms and create all kinds of combinations. Once your Orbeetle are Knocked Out,
though, you would have limited options to put in play. On the other hand, you
don’t want to play a full set of the usual Basic Pokémon since you need open Bench
spaces to use Evomancy. Finding the right balance with this card will be key.

I started my brainstorming by looking through all the Stage
2 Pokémon and thinking of powerful combinations. What ended up appealing to me
most were Pokémon that can use the same Energy cards that Orbeetle uses, namely
Triple Acceleration Energy,
and to a lesser extent Twin Energy.
Two Pokémon in particular caught my eye: Unfezant
and Toucannon.
Both have powerful attacks that can use Triple Acceleration Energy, but equally
important, they have attacks that conserve Triple Acceleration Energy by
removing it from play (when normally it would be discarded at the end of your
turn). Any other Pokémon that relies on Triple Acceleration Energy could attack
only a few times before running out of steam.

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