Using Cheryl turn
after turn will make it difficult for opponents to take any Prize cards at all thanks
to Inteleon VMAX’s high HP. However, Cheryl also takes up our Supporter for the
turn, which decks usually rely on to draw cards. Without a steady flow of new
cards, it’s not realistic to expect to find a desired card with every draw.

To fix this issue,
I’ve decided to pair Inteleon VMAX with Cinccino,
an old favorite of mine. Its Make Do Ability is the perfect substitute for a Supporter-based
draw engine. Make Do makes it easy to repeatedly use utility Supporters like
Cheryl or the always popular Boss’s Orders.
Since we want to set up as many of them as possible, I’ve included the maximum
amount of both Minccino and
Cinccino. It’s worth noting that even though Cinccino is our draw engine of
choice, it’s still important to include some regular draw Supporters in the
deck. So both Marnie and
Professor’s Research made
the deck list!

To round out my
strategy, I added two Pal Pad in
addition to the four Cheryl. Healing Inteleon VMAX four times throughout the
game is great, but having the option to do it up to eight times is even better!
Returning used copies of Cheryl back into the deck also improves the odds of
drawing it again, even if we don’t usually need the maximum number of

One of the main ways
opponents will try to deal with our healing strategy is to not even try to attack
the Pokémon VMAX. Instead, they’ll target Benched Inteleon V before they
evolve. Knocking Out a 320-HP Pokémon is very difficult, but the 200 HP of a regular
Inteleon V makes it much more vulnerable. To prevent this, set up two of the
four Inteleon VMAX as soon as possible and do not leave any two-Prize
liabilities in play.

Quick Ball, Evolution Incense, and Capture Energy (four of each are
on the deck list) will come in handy when searching for Pokémon, especially
during the first few turns. Simply discard them with Cinccino later in the game.

Lastly, to round out
the deck’s consistency and draw engine, I’ve added a Snorlax.
Cinccino is great, but it takes a few turns to establish more than one, and the
deck doesn’t draw Supporters reliably enough to guarantee Cinccino will be
drawn early. Snorlax is easily searchable, and its Gormandize Ability can
completely replenish a hand. This will mostly be the case on the first or
second turn, but it can also be useful later in the game—for example, after the
opponent played a Marnie.

Since our strategy
makes the games go long, it synergizes very nicely with Inteleon VMAX’s Double
Gunner Ability. Placing two damage counters might not seem like that much, but it
adds up when done over many turns. Against decks with Benched support Pokémon like
Houndoom or Octillery, the typical use would
be to repeatedly target the same two Pokémon for eventual Knock Outs with just
the Ability! Training Court is
a perfect fit for this deck as it can recover Water Energy for continued Double
Gunner use and also deals with a potential Path to the Peak.

One issue that you
might encounter with this deck is that the damage math against other Pokémon
VMAX can be a bit awkward. Two G-Max
Spiral attacks add up to 280 damage, which is just a bit short of a
Knock Out against these 300+ HP Pokémon. Double
Gunner helps to some extent, but that Ability can’t target the Active

To circumvent this
issue somewhat, I’ve added a copy of Basculin
into the deck. Its Swarm the Wound attack does 170 damage for a Rapid
Strike Energy after the opposing Pokémon has already been attacked by Inteleon
VMAX. If we put even just 20 damage onto a Pokémon while it’s still on the Bench,
the combination of G-Max Spiral and Swarm the Wound will be enough to Knock Out
even the popular Mew VMAX or
Umbreon VMAX!

Last but not least,
let’s take a look at Air Balloon.
When it’s attached to Inteleon VMAX, it provides the mobility needed to retreat
into Snorlax or Basculin. Air Balloon can also be useful when you fail to draw
Cheryl. Retreating into a fresh Inteleon VMAX and making your opponent have to
find a Boss’s Orders is much better than having a damaged Pokémon in the Active

This Inteleon VMAX-focused
deck might not be invincible, but it can certainly be incredibly effective! If
you want to draw multiple cards every turn and have plenty of time to watch your
opponent slowly lose hope of a victory, give it a try!

For my Inteleon VMAX deck, I’ve decided
to include Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX,
a Pokémon that can damage the opponent’s Benched Pokémon. These two Pokémon VMAX
have great synergy, and not only because of their shared Rapid Strike Battle Style.
Inteleon VMAX’s Double Gunner Ability can achieve Knock Outs on the opponent’s
Benched Pokémon with G-Max Rapid Flow. Moreover, its discarded Water Energy can
be put to good use with Melony,
fueling G-Max Rapid Flow! And here’s the cherry on top—this allows Octillery to provide immediate
access to any Pokémon, niche Trainer cards, and Rapid Strike Energy.

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