Pokémon the Series: XYZ Episodes Added to Pokémon TV

Ash, Pikachu, and their friends Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie
have been traveling through the Kalos region for a while, but they’re about to
experience their most exciting adventures in the region in Pokémon the Series: XYZ,
which has just arrived on Pokémon TV. This 19th season of the series has our heroes discovering the secrets
of Mega Evolution and facing off against the villainous Team Flare, who hopes
to use the energy of the evolutionary technique and the power of the Legendary
Pokémon Zygarde to their nefarious ends. And that’s only part of what’s in
store for Ash and company as their Kalos region journey draws to a close. Below
is a further sample of what you’ll find in this action-packed season, so check
it out before you tune in to Pokémon TV to watch the story unfold!

Pokémon the Series:
wastes no time setting up this
season’s primary conflict when, in the first episode, Bonnie discovers a small,
green Pokémon that she names Squishy (“From A to Z!”). As it turns out, Squishy is a Core of
the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde, and it quickly attracts the attention of Lysandre,
the boss of the villainous Team Flare, who wants to use the Core in their
mysterious Operation Z. Throughout the season, Team Flare continues to pursue
our heroes, and we learn more about Squishy’s true nature. The little Pokémon
has the ability to merge with Cells to take on a different Forme (“Meeting at Terminus Cave!”), and Ash and friends must battle fiercely
to prevent Squishy from falling into Team Flare’s hands. You’ll discover the
true nature of Team Flare’s plot and witness an epic battle to save the Kalos
region from destruction (“Forming a More Perfect Union!”).

Ash gains a new
rival when he crosses paths with Alain, a Pokémon Trainer who is on a journey
to study Mega Evolution. When Alain witnesses Ash’s Greninja transform into
Ash-Greninja during a battle, he decides to challenge our hero. Greninja takes
on Alain’s Charizard, who we discover can Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X (“A Meeting of Two Journeys!”). Unfortunately, we soon learn that Alain
is working with Lysandre and Team Flare (“An Explosive Operation!”). It seems Lysandre requires the energy
generated during Mega Evolution to further his schemes. Eventually, Lysandre’s
ambitions begin to take shape, and Alain will have some important decisions to
make (“A Towering Takeover!”).

When Ash first
arrives in the Kalos region in Season 17, the first Pokémon from the area to
join his party is an injured Froakie that he helps (“Lumiose City Pursuit!”). Together, the two have had many
adventures, and this Froakie eventually evolves into Greninja while helping to
defeat a ruthless ninja adversary (“A Festival of Decisions!”). However, Greninja and Ash appear to share
a special bond that not only allows Greninja to become stronger but alters its
appearance as well. Ash’s friends work to discover the secret behind the
transformation (“The Synchronicity Test!”), which Bonnie dubs “Ash-Greninja” (“All Hail the Ice Battlefield!”). So just what is behind Ash-Greninja’s
power? Is it Mega Evolution? Is it something more? You can solve the mystery
along with Ash!

Between the unusual
evolutions, friends with questionable alliances, and world-threatening plots,
it seems that Pokémon the Series:
solely focuses on big, heavy
storylines. But it’s not all “save the world” fare—our heroes get to enjoy some
smaller adventures. After all, Serena is still competing in Pokémon Showcases
as a Pokémon Performer, where she’s frequently up against another Performer
named Jessilee (who is secretly Team Rocket’s Jessie in disguise!). Although
nervous, Serena’s Eevee competes in its first Pokémon Showcase (“A Dancing Debut!”), and the Trainer and Pokémon even form
bond powerful enough to allow Eevee to evolve into Sylveon (“Party Dancecapades!”). Serena’s skills lead her and her Pokémon
to the Pokémon Showcase Master Class, but does she have what it takes to defeat
Aria and claim the crown of the
Kalos Queen (“Master Class Is in Session!” and “Performing a Pathway to the Future!”)?

While Serena works
to achieve her dreams, Ash, too, has his eyes set on a personal goal—competing
in the Kalos League Championships. Upon arriving in Lumiose City, the home of
the Kalos League, Ash is reunited with some of his friends/rivals including
Tierno, Trevor, Sawyer, and even Alain (“A League of His Own!”). Yes, despite Alain’s ties to Team Flare,
Ash inspired him to battle his way into the Kalos League Championships. There
are many exciting matches during the Championships, including an intense battle
of fiery passion vs. cold analytics when Ash and Sawyer have their long-awaited
battle (“Analysis Versus Passion!” and “A Riveting Rivalry!”). Ultimately, it all comes down to a
dramatic face-off between Ash and Alain (“Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!” and “Down to the Fiery Finish!”), but what part does Team Flare have to

Pokémon the Series:
is one of the most thrilling seasons of Pokémon the Series yet, and you won’t want to miss a single minute
of the action. After all this excitement, Ash could probably use a vacation!
You can watch the entire season by visiting watch.pokemon.com
or by loading up the Pokémon
TV mobile app to enjoy these classic episodes on the go!

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