Pokémon TV is already available on mobile and tablet devices
and smart TVs, and now you can download the new app on the Nintendo Switch. Fans
have the opportunity to watch select episodes and seasons of Pokémon the
, journeying with Ash and his friends from Kanto to Galar and
everywhere in between! Trainers can also brush up on their Pokémon TCG strategy
by watching select matches and training tips. The library of videos on Pokémon
TV is frequently updated so there’s always more to watch!

Additionally, Pokémon TV is launching a Junior category, offering
videos for younger Pokémon fans and Trainers.

Note that watching Pokémon TV on the Nintendo Switch
requires an internet connection.

Kick off your next Pokémon adventure by downloading the
Pokémon TV app from the Nintendo Switch eShop today.

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