Get ready to jump into exciting Pokémon team battles, as Pokémon
, which was previously released for
Nintendo Switch™, is now available for iOS and Android devices. To coincide
with the mobile release of the game, a new battle pass dubbed “Galactic Ghost
094” has begun.

Because over five million Trainers preregistered for the
mobile version of Pokémon UNITE before its release, every user who has played
the mobile version by Sunday, October 31, 2021, at 7:59 a.m. PDT will
receive the Unite license for Pikachu (which lets you play as the popular
Pokémon) along with the special Festival
Style: Pikachu Holowear
. Not only that, but every Trainer will also receive
1,000 Aeos tickets, which can be exchanged for in-game items. If you already
have the Unite license for Pikachu, you will receive Aeos coins instead.

Plus, players who link their Nintendo Account or Pokémon
Trainer Club account
in both the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of
Pokémon UNITE can use the gifts received from the mobile version
preregistration campaign on the Nintendo Switch version of the game as well.

A new feature called Unite squads has been added to Pokémon
UNITE as well. Unite squads connect you with other players by allowing you to
create your own squad or search for already existing squads to join. By using
squad tags, you can form or join a squad of like-minded Trainers. Do you want a
team that aims to be the best by pushing each other to succeed? Or perhaps you
would prefer a squad in which you can relax and have fun together. Use or
search for squad tags that fit your playstyle, and you’re bound to find the
perfect teammates.

When Pokémon UNITE launched on Nintendo Switch, players
could receive the Unite license for Zeraora as a launch bonus. However, mobile
players can still earn the ability to play as this Mythical Pokémon (as well as
a few other rewards) by completing a special mission. Accomplishing this
mission simply requires winning a certain number of battles. Here’s what you
can earn:

  • Win a total of 2 battles – 100 Aeos tickets

  • Win a total of 8 battles – 450 Aeos coins

  • Win a total of 16 battles – 50 item enhancers

  • Win a total of 32 battles – Unite License: Zeraora

If you already have the Unite license for Zeraora, you will receive Aeos coins instead.

With this release, Pokémon UNITE for both mobile and
Nintendo Switch now supports French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages in
addition to English. We hope you have fun playing Pokémon UNITE on your mobile
devices. Be sure to check out our Minute-by-Minute
Guide to Pokémon UNITE Battles as well as our detailed
look at the game’s held items for valuable tips and strategies to improve
your skills! For more details, please visit the Pokémon UNITE official site.

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