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Pokmon Go Global Challenges and the Global Challenge Arena for Go Fest 2020 explained

How to use the Global Challenge Arena.

The Global Challenge Arena allows Pokémon Go players from across the world to work together to complete the Global Challenges that will run through Go Fest 2020.

Completing a Global Challenge will not only unlock a bonus during Go Fest 2020, but will work towards unlocking the Ultra Unlocks that, if earned, will run in the weeks after Go Fest.

Make sure you take advantage of the rotating habitats, which are running throughout the first day of Go Fest 2020, so that you can help complete as many Global Challenges as possible.

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Global Challenges for Go Fest 2020 explained

Global Challenges are special challenges available to players taking part in Go Fest 2020.

Each Global Challenge lasts an hour, and with Go Fest running between 10am to 8pm local time, meaning there are 10 Global Challenges to participate in per person.

The challenges themselves can be anything from sending a number of gifts to catching certain Pokémon types. When the community reaches the goal, a Timed Bonus for that challenge will unlock for all players – but only for the remainder of that hour.

Additionally, every Global Challenge the Pokémon Go community completes also counts towards the Ultra Unlocks, which are three separate weeks of bonuses and rewards that will occur after Go Fest 2020.

Between all the different time zones, there are 32 Global Challenges happening across Day 1 of Go Fest 2020, and players need to complete 24 of these for all three Ultra Unlocks.

These weeks will only happen, however, if enough Global Challenges are completed. So if you’re taking part in Go Fest 2020, take sure you’re contributing to the Global Challenges!

Pokemon Go has a busy summer ahead! Start by completing the Friendship Go Fest challenges, finding Team Go Rocket Balloons, and catching newly released Gen 5 Pokémon.

2020 has seen several new features – such the arrival of the Go Battle League, Remote Raids and the trade evolution feature. There are also planned changes to PokéCoins on the way.

Last year saw the release of new regional exclusive Pokémon and the introduction of the Unova Stone.

Pokemon Go also sees regular events – including weekly Spotlight Hour, monthly Field Research rewards and Pokémon Go Community Day.

Global Challenge Arena for Go Fest 2020 explained


The main purpose of the Global Challenge Arena during Go Fest 2020 is to track the progress of the Global Challenges.

To do this you need to visit the Today View section of the Global Challenge Arena.

Here you’ll be able to discover which Global Challenge is currently available to you, how close the community is to completing it and what the Timed Bonus will be once the challenge is completed.

It will also show you how much both you and your Pokémon Go friends have contributed to the current Global Challenge.

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Good luck with the Go Fest 2020 Global Challenges!

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