All rewards for the December challenge.

The Stardust Challenge runs throughout December 2021 in Pokémon Go.

Newly introduced in Season of Heritage are monthly seasonal bonuses and timed research.

In December, this will see double Stardust for the first daily catch, and will give you a string of quest steps to complete by collecting Stardust. Once you have reached the end, you’ll receive an exclusive avatar item.

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Stardust Challenge quest steps and rewards in Pokémon Go

Below you’ll find all the requirements and rewards for the December Stardust Challenge in Pokémon Go.

A Deino Hat Avatar item will be the ultimate reward for completing all 15 steps.

This section does contain spoilers for the entire quest, so, if you want to be surprised, we recommend skipping.

As well as the below rewards for each of the 15 step, you’ll also receive a small number of XP for each one completed.

At the end is the main reward, a Deino Hat Avatar item.

If you fail to complete the below steps by the end of the month, then it will be available to purchase from the in-game store.

If time is running out, our explainer on the best way to get more Stardust can help.

However, playing daily should net you enough Stardust to unlock the below – so play regularly and you should do it in plenty of time!

Step Requirement Reward
1 500 total Stardust 10x Poké Ball
2 1,000 total Stardust 10x Razz Berry
3 3,000 total Stardust Rhyhorn encounter
4 6,000 total Stardust 15x Pinap Berry
5 10,000 total Stardust Onix encounter
6 15,000 total Stardust 25x Poké Ball
7 20,000 total Stardust 15x Nanab Berry
8 30,000 total Stardust Staryu encounter
9 40,000 total Stardust 20x Great Ball
10 50,000 total Stardust 2x Silver Pinap Berry
11 60,000 total Stardust Alolan Exeggutor encounter
12 70,000 total Stardust 25x Ultra Ball
13 85,000 total Stardust Deino encounter
14 100,000 total Stardust 5,000 XP
15 120,000 total Stardust 1x Lucky Egg
Deino Hat avatar item

This week sees the arrival of the Season of Heritage and the month-long Stardust Challenge, as well as a refreshed Go Battle League.

Ongoing are Arlo, Cliff, Sierra counters and Giovanni counters.

Other major updates in the past year include a level cap increase, the introduction of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals.

Stardust Challenge dates and bonuses in Pokémon Go

The Stardust Challenge will introduce a bonus throughout December 2021 – double Stardust for your first catch of the day.

This bonus – and the above quest steps and rewards – will run throughout December, ending on December 31st, 2021 at 11:59pm local time.

Season of Heritage introduces monthly challenges.

Then, in January and February, will be more Challenges – themed around gathering XP and catching Pokémon respectively. Unlike the December challenge, both of these require a pre-purchase of the Tour: Johto ticket to access.

Good luck completing this month’s challenge!

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