@Flaming_Kaiser I know where they are too. When I see green on the screen my finger knows which button to push. When I see blue, orange, red, I know which buttons to push. When I see light gray, well having all buttons be light gray means we have to be able to see the symbols clearly and quickly.

I’m not sure new Sony players, whether youngsters or former Nintendo or Xbox fans, would like looking at all light gray symbols on the screen in game. And if they are going to make them gray on screen, but the old button colors, well then just make the buttons those colors too.

Though really if they got rid of all QTEs in games I’d be fine with that too. More than fine in fact.

@Rob_230 Iconic is the word. They might as well go A, B, X and Y like Nintendo and MS while they’re at it.

@LemonHaze The color of the buttons ON THE SCREEN during QTE moments in games. The button colors are used in the game to match the button color on the controller.

Image God of War boss fights but all the on screen icons are light gray. Lame.

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