Dreams is already an incredible product on PlayStation 4, but through backwards compatibility, bringing your creations to life on PlayStation 5 is going to be even easier. Sure, there’s the high-speed SSD to improve load times and adaptive triggers that will emulate the tension upon a bow and arrow. However, it’s the microphone which could be the biggest game-changer.

Currently, the Media Molecule developed title allows you to record audio through any microphone compatible with PS4. Getting your hands on one of those for a decent price isn’t a tough task whatsoever but through the implementation of the PS5 DualSense controller’s built-in microphone, the Japanese giant has cut out the middle man. If you want to grab a quick recording of your voice, sound effect, or even an instrument, simply hold the pad up to the audio source and you’ll have the sound in your creation in the space of seconds.

Gone are the times when you’ve forgotten where you last put your Rock Band 4 microphone or trying to find the flimsy mic which came with the console itself. Nobody actually uses that thing, right? With PS5, the microphone is built into the controller you’re already using. Great stuff, Sony.

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