Queen Rules is a new strategic puzzler heading for iOS next week | Articles

Queen Rules is a new strategic puzzler heading for iOS next week | Articles

Queen Rules is a unique puzzle game that utilises clay art coming to iOS next week.

Described by one user as “Sudoku on shrooms”, Queen Rules has you strategically moving through battlefield situations and trap-laden labyrinths to rescue soldiers who are surrounded by enemies before combining forces to defeat the big boss. You’ll have to plan for your army, prepare them for battle and deploy them all to complete the level. As you can see by the game’s interesting art style, it uses a distinct visual aesthetic created physically using polymer clay in a real oven. The effect is hypnotic, close to magical, and immerses you in Queen Rules’ tactile environment with the glimmering music playing in the background. In the end, this allows you to focus on the strategy in a relaxing way.

New game mechanics emerge when as you advance, meaning you’ll have to adopt new strategy patterns and adapt your play to the new situations that present themselves.

“Blending the highly artisan world with the digital world leads to fascinating results. We hope our game is on the forefront of this collision,” says Juan Gabriel Palomino Garcia, one of the developers behind Queen Rules. “It has certainly helped our game to stand out and feel unique.” “We are glad to be shedding light on our process and hope that other game designers will consider collaborating with unique artists like Larissa [Honsek, artist], who we have been thrilled to call a team member. Her work is a central component of Queen Rules and her handmade art lends heart and soul to the screen. We hope many people—from adults to children, to families together and couples—will enjoy it.”

You can see some more of Larissa Honsek’s work here, and will be able to download Queen Rules from the iOS App Store next week on 4th March.
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