The discovery of the SNES PlayStation sent shockwaves through the gaming community back in 2015. A collaboration between Sony and Nintendo, the unit was intended to meet the challenge of CD-based systems like the Mega CD and TurboDuo, but it was never released; Nintendo infamously left Sony at the altar and signed a deal with rival Philips (which ultimately led to nothing more than a few Nintendo games on the ill-fated Philips CD-i).

Despite the failure of the venture, prototype SNES PlayStations were made by Sony, and the one discovered in 2015 has since been sold for $360,000 USD. That’s a lot of loose change for a system which doesn’t have much in the way of unique software, so gamer_lafan / LASTFANTASY created his own take on the project. He’s even gone as far as to print bespoke spine art for games; check out his copy of King of Fighters ’98.

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