Image: Animist

Animist, also known as Yuto, is an animator who makes incredible stop motion shorts. We’ve covered their Kirby stop-motion before, but their newest creation — somewhat appropriately — is Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Horizons making coffee. Even though Brewster can probably handle it just fine, Izzy.

The stop-motion video is around 35 seconds long, and shows the tiny mayor’s assistant grinding her own beans with the help of a few tools to get her up to the top of the grinder.

There are even a few details in the background that we have to assume are little Easter Eggs: The owl, to represent Blathers, a tiny ocarina like the one in the game, and even a little plant like Isabelle has on her desk in the game.

The Foley is incredible too, by sound designer Masafumi Watanabe — Isabelle’s little hair bells jingle with every movement, which is just adorable.

Make sure to check out Animist’s YouTube channel to see more of these game-themed stop-motion animations!

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