Re-Logic and Google settle differences, Terraria to launch on Stadia

Re-Logic and Google settle differences, Terraria to launch on Stadia

Earlier this month, the gaming world was rocked by what happened over at Google Stadia. The streaming service essentially shut down all of its internal development studios. This meant that users of the service could only look forward to third-party releases moving forward. However, Google has been struggling even on that front. About a week or so later, Terraria creator Andrew Spinks bookended his struggles with Google by yanking the upcoming release of his game from Stadia. That is not the end of this incredible tale for Stadia subscribers though. A happy ending is in sight, as Terraria will launch on the service after all.

In a February State of the Game update, Ted Murphy from developer Re-Logic shared more about what transpired. Google disabled Re-Logic’s YouTube account by mistake, and kicked off everything that went wrong. Other Google-related accounts under Spinks and the team were also affected. Basically, Google made a huge mistake on its part.


Google finally reached out to Re-Logic after a month of back and forth, with fans being extremely vocal about the problems. Since then, the problems have been addressed. Google had also restored all access to the team’s accounts. Despite the development, we still have no idea what truly happened to warrant such drastic action.

Building bridges

With everything seemingly back to normal, Re-Logic will not pull Terraria off of Google Stadia. The team recognizes the hard work put in by both the Stadia team and publisher 505 Games, and will follow the original schedule.

The Stadia build of Terraria will be based on the DR Studios 1.4.05 build, which is the latest. It is currently undergoing certification review over at Google.

For any business using Google services, going one month without access to accounts would be a nightmare. The situation is unacceptable, to say the least. Not to mention that Google is trying to make headway into gaming. This is not exactly the best way for Google to endear itself to third-party studios.

While Terraria will still launch on Google Stadia, the future of the streaming service remains foggy.

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