Recruit Galarian Slowpoke in a Pokémon Café Mix Team Event

A new team event has begun in Pokémon Café Mix—you can work with
your squad to convince Galarian Slowpoke to join your café staff. From November 18, 2020, to December 2, 2020,
the Dopey Pokémon will swing by your café to get some delicious treats. As you
and your team complete orders, you’ll earn stars that raise Galarian Slowpoke’s
satisfaction level. The more stars you collectively earn, the more presents
you’ll receive. Keep earning stars, and you’ll convince the Pokémon to join
your café crew.

Orders 551 through 600 have been added to the game, too. And
if you make enough progress, the lovable Piplup will begin visiting your café
as a customer. As always, if you serve this new Pokémon enough orders, it will
decide to join your café staff. Expert players will also be able to take on
Master Café levels 276 through 300, which have also just been added.

Good luck working with your team to recruit Galarian
Slowpoke! Pokémon Café Mix is available to download now for Nintendo Switch and
iOS and Android devices, so don’t miss out on all the fun! For more details, be
sure to visit the Pokémon Café Mix
official site

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