Hot on the heels of this morning’s Mafia Trilogy tease, a pair of product pages appeared on the Microsoft Store for Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia II: Definitive Edition. Beyond that, the screenshots on the page for Mafia: Definitive Edition highlight the visual overhaul being performed by developer Hangar 13, which represents a major step up from the 2002 original.


Assuming the listing information is correct, the definitive edition of Mafia II is launching on May 19 (the same day the teaser trailer promised more news). Mafia: Definitive Edition appears to be hitting on August 27 or 28 – the page lists both dates in different places.

While information regarding a new version of Mafia III isn’t currently available, the treatment for these first two games gives gamers a reasonable idea what to expect from the third installment.

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